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Yesterday I accidentally opened an mp3 file within my Tantra folder and this is what I saw..

I wonder who is this handsome guy? Is this you GM 3000fr? :)

File Path is ...-Tantra-3000fr-K12\resource\sound\Mandara2ndVillage.mp3

TANTRA 3000fr KATHANA KX¹² 3000fr / Ashram Member Last Login Date
« on: 31 January 2013 à 23:20:54 »
I don't know if its possible to add this feature within the Ashram Member's Tab but I hope this is possible to be added in the future since Ashram Ranking was implemented.

Right now all of us can see these columns within the Ashram Member's Tab

- Tribe
- Name
- Level
- Position
- Status

My purpose of suggesting this feature  is that every Maharaja or Guild Master should know which member is inactive or not by simply checking on his last log in record. This is very significant to the guild since 50 slots is so precious that we cannot risk adding a member who will be inactive in long period of time.

This is just my suggestion and that is an additional column within the Ashrma Member's Tab which will be labeled as "Last Log In"

I am wondering why there is no Amara 21 Dagger? Any idea where to get this item?

This is in response to this thread -

I hope everyone else will support this suggestion of mine. Its just that unlike the thread started above I twisted it a little so that master points of current top ranking players will not be affected.

So here it is and I will make it simple.

GM 3000fr will monitor master points accumulation similar to server ranking page - and place a separate page for accumulated master points periodically (ex. for every player per god per tribe and periodically that page of accumulated master points will reset itself without affecting the current master points of a certain player.


Player 1 has a current mp of 10,000 and played inside kruma a lot during the 1st quarter of the year (January to March) and able to increase his mp to 500,000. Thus during the 1st quarter he gained a total of 490,000 mp. Player 1 saw his name in the accumulated master points ranking page together with the exact amount of mp he gained which is 490,000 mp.

By the start of the 2nd quarter (April to June) Player 1's accumulated mp for the 1st quarter resets but NOT his total MP which is 500,000. Same will happen throughout the 3rd quarter (July to September) and 4th quarter (October to December).

Now, this is only an example its up to GM 3000fr discretion if he will do it quarterly, trimester, or yearly to monitor the accumulated master points of all players in this server and of course this kind of monitoring system is useless if GM 3000fr will not put a reward to those players who topped themselves for the accumulation of master points for that certain period of time.

I hope I made myself clear. :g52: Any questions or violent reactions please reply to this thread. :g52g:

Thank you! Good game! :3t:

Ciao! :g19:

Gm 3000fr, kindly take a look of the screenshot below together with the possible explanation of each because the set item effect of Sefars (premium item) is not showing any effect at all.

Screenshot 1 : I tried not to wear the Niseupa Boots +15 (with 10 Heart) and it gives me only a total of 54303 HP. Hence, set item effect is not activated in this screenshot.

Screenshot 2: Now that I wear the Nisuepa Boots +15 (with 10 Heart) it only gives me a total of 54857 HP which should not be the case because upon wearing the boots the set item effect should be activated in this instance which will be:

- Maximum Hp 1000 Increase;
- Movement Speed Increased by 1; &
- All Power Strike Attack Rate 20% Increase.

I did expect that when wearing the said boots it should give me at least a total of 55303 HP since the set item effect for this is increasing the maximum HP by 1000. Hence, since my maximum hp is 54303 (w/o wearing the boots), it should give me more or less 55303 HP.

It did really increase my HP (Screenshot 2) but its not quite enough base on the said set item effect for this instance.

If you have anything in mind that explains this phenomena I would be glad to read it or even my fellow forumers here. Thanks in advance.

What is this Gm 3000fr?

Anyone knows a legit answer if the item below can be crafted into a crystal weapon?

Does pets making the floor dirty? Try this.

1. Press O
2. Select "Switch Character"
3. Choose any character you want.
4. Answer the pop-up question first.
5. Press O again.
6. Under Pet Info select "My Pet".
7. Click OK

That's it your done!

Hope this information helps.


I have been trying to contact support and filed a ticket (Ticket # 5533) but seems I haven't receive my Top Up PINS nor any updates from both supports here and the donation host.

Anyone tried donating thru this method? If so, what was the outcome? I am getting worried now and my patience seems eating me  :cry-y:

Need your comments.

TANTRA 3000fr KATHANA KX¹² 3000fr / Ashram Ranking
« on: 14 December 2012 à 23:16:22 »
Please consider this GM and hoping it will be implemented next year.

Since I join and play Tantra 3000fr I didn't noticed any advertisements in the websites (e.g., You know this can bring up more profit to you GM 3000fr because of those sponsored advertisements (ex. Adsense) and I think its a good step for you GM. Think about it because I can see hundreds of visitors in this forum everyday that can be converted to money. It maybe low but who knows it can help develop and improve the game more.


Bug when reaching this kind of Quest Instruction:

10 Choniokusins (631/258) at Tower of Silence in Jina Area remaining.

Kindly fix soon because I tried to kill more than one (1) Chonoikusins but the quest is not progressing. I also to reconnect, C/C, etc. but still no luck.

Again please fix soon Thanks!

Hi GM 3000FR,

It seems that the game won't load on my part. Is there something wrong?

Hi GM 3K,

It seems that the loot bug is having its way to the majority of the players. So to avoid and prevent this bugging thing to happen especially in Kruma we may request to disable loots and dropping of loots in Kruma? This is the only way to have a fair fight in Kruma. Thanks!


I just got this from a certain post of GM 3000 and from other user too and it is a big breakthrough and impact to me especially that the GM quoted these users to be "weak".

PLAYERS using pustika bug or loot bug in kruma, no sanction but classified WEAK or bad players.
In some cases, it is possible that I banish without warning.
Especially if the players use more C. E.

This post of Gm 3000.........

Just....Try Practice this
If other's can do...Why should you.... :cry-y:

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