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GM Metalic GONE !

Hello ... juste today: it's good, found :

The new Webmaster, GM Zenith will look to create website ... From securing donations, assistance the game. And displaying the news.

Saturday october 8 / 2016 ... Open for tests news FILES ....

Please wait .... ...In progress .... :)

Nota Bene: If files ok = Soon news forum :)


YEHEY  :guitare-crack: :guitare-crack: :guitare-crack: :g19:

Ashram thread - ALL GODS / Re: ° Därk † CounciL °
« on: 19 September 2016 à 08:51:12 »

Hi Gm 3k :) more power to furom  :g109: :g109:

woooooooooooooo.... excited much sa pagbabalik ng fr  :g19: :g19: :) :)

Hello everyone! Since our beloved GM 3k FR is planning to build a new server, then here are my suggestions in behalf of developing our up coming server. I am going to start from the lowest to highest problem. Read as follows :

1st) - The leveling system:
-- I think that , its enough to do the  leveling period from 5-7 days to reach the highest level w/c is the Astica 21 so that the players won't become bored from reaching the highest lvl in a long period of time, and this is because I know that our former server (tantra FR) , most of the people during that time were bored and facing difficulties from lending a lot of time just to reach the max lvl and the result was half of them discontinue from playing bcoz aside from they don't have their own Computers, they might wasted a lot of money in spending a time from the net shop. and for those player who wanted to reach the max lvl within 3days or ealier than that, provide a Prana Orb in webmall and prana charm. In addition you can also do the same idea w/c is the "bebe repel" every late night maybe 10pm to 3am.

2nd) - for the trippers and CE users :
2.1 Trippers - we know that players who are like this could not be avoided, but in your server if you restricted this properly who affect's a lot to the leveling spot then you can implement a particular offences :
1st offence - karma automatically 50,000k
if being reported provide with screen shot account banned 1 month.

2nd offence - if he do it again automatic 50,000k karma , and if roperted provide with Screen shot  ban forever - To unbanned the account you can donate atleast worth 2k of taney donation.

3rd if doing it again
IP address will be block and account will also be ban forever no mercy

2.2 CE users - this is common in different server, but some of the server overcome it and do restrict this ungrateful behavior.

1st offence - provide with video ban for 1month. ( wait until 1month to un banned )

2nd offence - provide with video
ban forever to unbanned donate atleast 3k worth of taney.

3rd if doing it again
IP address will be block and account will also be ban forever no mercy

P.S why do we need to donate to unbanned? Its for the server itself so that the server has an enough budget to update or renew the game guard if ever the players committed CE in the server itself. and if we wanted to have an elastic and Good server then we really need to implement that sanctions further so that the server won't suffer from lack of budget inbehalf of renewing everything if ever we complain about specific problem.

3rd) - Style of the game:
- yah its okay to do the same style with tantra PH, but We all know that everyone already has this kind of idea to bring back the PH , and I think its time to make a new, recent, futuristic and up to this recent generation. Why not making your own style GM? your own masterpiece, your own idea, your own signature that is surely being remember just like the PH ? I am not saying that you are going to sweep away the memories of PH what I mean is that, you make your own design, styles, theme, set's and other new things that will also be remember by the players.

4th) -The Damage:
I prefer the same damage with the recent server powerful yet balance and everything wil be based on players hands , and the killing system is fast and it was fun. Unlike reducing the damage just like the other server who has a low damage , the game was boring and the killing is very slow.

5th) Loot Bug
BRING BACK THE LOOT BUG coz its the origin and part of the game ever since.

6th) Kruma Monitoring
kruma should always be monitored and I suggest there should be two GAME DEVELOPER ( I know one )
and if possible, make a file in your server/game which can detect those Cheat Engines and if ever there's someone that has been detected, then automatic DC.

The Idea of rewarding A taney's each winner is good, but I think it's one of the problem why did the former server offlined so it has to be controlled and reduced. This is because , aside from the server has not enough budget, the GM itself has wasted a lot of taneys and the result , no more donations ,knowing that the players itself has a chance to get taney by winning a specific wars. maybe you can twist the system and reduce the taney rewarding.

for FW ( Fortress War )
rewards might be Golden nuggets and pots and the amount or number of GN's and pots that will be given to a particular winners should only be depends on the number of participants, maximum of 2 ally's only.

for BW ( Biryu War )
Reward Taney worth 20k that should be divided into two (2) ally's and the Maharaja's will be the one who take responsible for the distributions the rewards towards his member's equally. Ally's maximum of two (2)

These are the things that I think needed to be REVISED.
Thank you for reading, and I hope this will be properly realized and recognized.
God Bless us all, and see you guys when I see you in the game soon.

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 :g20: :g20: :g20: :g20: :)

Hi Guys :)

Ashram thread - ALL GODS / Re: ° Därk † CounciL °
« on: 30 May 2016 à 03:37:01 »
 :g20: :g20: :g20: :g20:

baka need muna ng break ni GM 3k.  Feel ko nagrerest pa sya.  Kc pag hindi pagod yon may server na sana tayo ngayon.


Ashram thread - ALL GODS / Re: Suggestions for the upcoming server
« on: 27 April 2016 à 12:02:43 »
i Suggest :

please bring back the game especially quest is not a bug, because as we know, the part and origin of game is a quest.  not only kruma, kruma, kruma, for the new player they can collect other stuff with the quest. only for the highest player level can kruma every time because they have all stuff and complited set kruma for war.

so please gm concern for this cases.  if only kruma kruma every time, i think is very bored.

 :g20: :g20: :g20:

Ashram thread - ALL GODS / Re: Suggestions for the upcoming server
« on: 23 April 2016 à 02:56:27 »
 :g20: :g20: :g20: :g20: :g20: :g20:  :guitare-3000fr: :guitare-3000fr:

UP UP UP  :g20: :g20: :g20:  :)

Ashram thread - ALL GODS / Re: ° Därk † CounciL °
« on: 22 April 2016 à 12:02:20 »
 :g20: :g20: :g20: UP KO LANG GUYS. MISS KO NA KAYO EH  :) :)

HI GM PLS UPDATE ALL OF US  :too-much-wine: :too-much-wine: we're still waiting for your new server :)  :asura: :asura:

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