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Hello 3kFR citizens, it's been a year already since my last visit here :)
I sure miss the fun here and so was my friends in-game...
do you guys (some few friends in-game) still exist?  :lol:

oh well, just wanted to ask anyway for some updates about this server...
is there something new since I last play here?
something new that might interest me to play again...  :lol:


Cursed Beta's where are you?  :lol:


Hello GM 3K!

I would like to request for a deletion of my characters.

Here are the accounts username & character's I wanted to delete:

UID: perorot13
CHAR. NAME: vyriababy & bHabyjasxie

UID: rioryn123
CHAR. NAME: xxxjanethxxx

Thanks in advanced GM 3K  :guitare-crack:


Is there any kind-hearted citizen here who has a video converter?
mind sharing it with me guyz, I just need it!
kindly send it on my email...

Thanks a bunch in advanced! :)


Hello GM 3K!

I'm having a problem here downloading the game...
the link posted in your website won't work and my PC detects a virus in it after attempting to save it...  :g32:
can you please provide me another link where I can download the game?  :bigsmile:

Thank You!!  :g22:

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