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Please help me. I encoutered this problem just this evening when I launch the launcher it says ''Çannot Open Tantra.dat File" and most of the time "Cannot Open File version" please please hep me  :cry-y:  :cry-y:  :cry-y:

Is it possible to put a character to another/new account? For example, A druka eda level, to put a new account without its stats [chakra and skills] being changed?  :)

Selling Sefar Kantika+9 or Trade with your Sefar Kuta+15, I'll add rups  :g20: :g201r: :g20:

Special Section for the Country of Philippines / HELP! Change Password
« on: 21 December 2013 à 12:23:34 »
GM, I have this character [username: Fearless] FearLess, a deva. I didn't play tantra 3k for almost 4 months now and I forget the PW
I tried to change it but I forget the PIN too. Can you please sent me a link to change my PW? I'm not trying to hack somebody else'
account and that account of mine doesn't even have GM Access you can go ahead and check it :) can you please help me? 

P.S I posted here because my IP was banned for 3 wrong attempts on logging in that account.

Special Section for the Country of Philippines / Im Back!!! :D
« on: 04 March 2013 à 06:11:01 »
I didn't play for a month! Im backkkkk
Hi to all Elite Shivan Horde  :g201r:

I have windows 7 then when i open tantra then start game its says "Cannot Execute HTLauncher.exe" But i have it i can see it in the folder...I turned off the anti-virus and run as administrator but its the same

what is it? is applicable to druka's only? please explain  :g30: :g30:

Happy New Year :g30: :g30: :g30:  :g126: :g109: :g126: :g109:

I'am accepting gifts BIG or small  :g201r: :g201r: :g201r:

I don't have a picture but it happened twice now with my Naga (Banar)... I was dueling with players then I lost then when i died i became a Killer,I didn't have my PK switch on when i was dueling...someone said it was my reflect skill  :g32: :g32: please fix it

I Don't have much ideas but i know others have  :) post guys maybe GM will change his mind  :guitare-3000fr:

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