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Hi my friends all citizen at filipina and GM 3000

Sorry out of topic but top urgent  :)  :)  :cry-y:

if there is information about abu Sayyaf could you please inform here, Indonesia currently require assurance from the government of the Philippines to carry out military action to Abu Sayyaf, the goverment Indonesian troops will deploy the best of the best military force to free the hostages.

it is hoped you could help provide information on media social philippines government so that could open the door for other countries receiving military aid. because one detainee Indonesian people that the parents live close to our area, his parents could cannot sleep or eat because they always worry that their children were arrested and detained Abu Sayyaf.

Just Note : the military indonesia always ready 24 hours, only waiting for confirmation from the government of the Philippines.

should state should not be defeated by the rebels, let us maintain solidarity as a player and once friends although we had never met. God bless us all. 

Please Pray For u People : MARY JANE 

Request an apology to the Philippines for one of its citizens in the name of Mary Jane to be in execution maybe tonight. Mary Jane from previous news may be just a domestic helper but framed so drug couriers. This Final day will be executed, I apologize for the size of the entire people of the Philippines that although I am not an attorney General, I am not an executor, and I am not the president but I was just a friend and as a friend in this game tantra 3000Fr because we know 80% philipines player in here. Once again apologize, May the gods bless his family and especially his 2 children.

I and my friend's throughout Indonesia could only pray for his family.
Best Wishes

Hello GM 3000Fr

I have Suggestion for make Event Triple Donation, but for 1 day only (24 hours only)

maybe this event can make player to donation in 1 day and Rushh  :)

Thank You and More Power
Good Game & Long live Tantra 3000Fr

Hello GM 3000 Fr

Char : Nick Jigsaw (Archer), he Write insult and racism  ! ! !  :DEAD:

Please Check and Read this ss from my friends, he reports to me, after  deead in kruma he write this. i dont know how can the player killed in kruma he move the emotion to my friends.

My friend told me that char nick Jigsaw insulted our nation. if it is playing the game and at the kill in Kruma, DO NOT insult the country ... if annoyed, mumps please play Barbie dolls only and although annoyed please allow himself to the player who kills you in Kruma but do not carry and cursed my country, because I am also including Indonesian players.

you mean indo suck it means all Indonesian players you contemptible

Give a Sanction for this char  ! ! !

Game for FUN and make a friends and GAME never make a enemy  ! ! !  if you dont like, PLAY BARBIE  !  !  !

This Char Quad Duel at TOMB

My Char he kill and Other in Party he Kill too .... i said this Stupid Char  ! ! !

i send screen Shot.  and If GM can help, Please info the All char he have i really angry to kill all char every day  !  every day !

Please INFO this ID, and how many char he have ! i want kill this char, i send mesages to my all friends if see this char kill.  :g52g:

Char Nick : Mah0mles


do not kill  char being macro, coward !!!

Hi GM 3000Fr  :g201b:

Thank You for Make Event MP, The Top 1 out of 100 maybe a Winner.  Biggest MP = Winner.  :-rupiah:

i think is not Fair  ! why i said is not Fair ??? Because the shecedule is to fast and please see the old char has have MP 300 milion, how can a new player to battle with this MP in 1 week ? 1 month ? i thinks is impposible !!!  :g201b:

My Suggestion ? Why not GM make a Schedule who have a new CREATE Character From 1 March 2015 until 1 April  2015 and who have a HIGHEST MP is a WINNER.  All CHAR must create character starting from 1 March 2015  !

This Event Very Fair for ALL CITIZEN PLAYER IN TANTRA 3000 Fr.  New and Old player ... RIGHT ???  is Wrong...please forgeted it. and closed this topic

for this char nick : BeaCharlene

i makro atasker at butu mandara repel today. u kill my char, .....  !

remember, i treat u, if i see u every map u lvling or hunt ruphs, i always kill u char. REMEMBER  ! i really angry...  !

Hi GM 3000 Fr i Just Asking ....

at webmall i see the new acc of kali edition 2  ???  where edition 1 ?  or kali acc edition 1 removed / discontinue  ? i dont see at webmall and itemmall ?

if gm release kali edition 2, i think to fast for replaced kali edition 1  :cry-y:

please help to ekplanation  :_myhelp: 

Please Check the webmall item, i dont see 3k staff deva at there. Only 3K Dieu Shield + Dieu Cane

Thank You, Hope Fix...

Hello GM 3000Fr

Thank You for release the Abnormal Charm, Melee and Chaya,,,,  :g20:  but i see is too expensive for abnormal charm, because can use for limeted time 1 hours only...

why do not change to day period like a 3 day or 7 day ?.... is a 5100 taney... for 1x buy (1 Hours).  :g20:  if buy 2 qty the price taney can buy kali acc, so i think must be very rare players want to buy this item.

Please my suggestion change to Day Time Period or others option make a permanent time,  i sure many player buy it  :g201b:  :g20:

Thank You  :g20:

Hi GM 3000Fr

When the neklace of Kali release at webmall ?

because, we know this time Kali set is completed, kali charm is added. so Neklace of kali, When ?

hope GM can release too, for price maybe same like a kali acc 8500, or can up 9000/10000 k, but is up to u GM.

Thank You  :g20:

Hello GM 3k Fr

I don't see Kali Acc Charm at webmall, where i can buy ?

i see at mandara a few player use kali charm. where we can buy it ? look at item mall, dont see.


Hello GM 3000Fr

Morning ....

Please Help Me Check My Account, Why i cannot login my account.

I tried login but the error msg : Please Connect Again.

I try check file = Ok. Completed but still cannot login.

Please Check my IP Also

thank u before

i Can't Login from yesterday.... until today

try login 30x ++, only 1x success yesterday tonight im login in game...  after logout, can't login again, i asking my friends, a few have a same problems, cannot login...please check ip from indonesian...  the mesagge ERROR : please connect again ?  :_myhelp:

i try restart router / modem box.. but same... still cannot login.

try download film = is work all fine  :g20:
browse hopepage and forum = is fine all work  :g20:
check connection speed = stable
antivirus = disabled

but only just cannot login the game ...  :guitare-crack:

  :cado: :g141: Suggestion for Valentine Days :  :cado:  :g141:

i have a few idea, Hope GM Approved :  :)

2x Double Taney  (1 Day)
3x Double Taney (6 Hours Only)
2x Drop Rate event Bedante or Sambadu or Tantra Pot all map
Every player free get a 1400 Taney (14 Feb)  :)
Double Taney + Discount 50%  Webmall Item
Every Player Free 1Pcs  New Part Item, Free Choose  :)

Good Game and More Power
Happy Valentine Day for GM3000 Fr and ALL  :too-much-wine:

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