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Wow.  nice too see u progresss GM 3000FR

what exactly the tantra name ? 

Tantra Revolution FR  :) :)

and one i hope. Please don't change the soundtrack of mandara. i very love the song. to many memory.   

Another threat has been reported.  Abu Sayyaf has bombed a night market in Davao.  Mayor Sara Duterte is willing to give 2 million pesos to anyone who can capture the culprit behind the incident.  Please refer here.

yes, thank u arcan for reply.

i think ur presiden duterte is a strong president, I saw him when he visited Indonesia (Jakarta) last month.

thank u for all.

i hope Indonesia and the Philippines may be able to work well together in the fields of economy, transport and maritime security.

 :g19: :) :too-much-wine:

Hi Ms. Metro long time no see, maybe you can call the Philippine Embassy in your country and ask them on how to negotiate between Indonesian Military Operation and Phil. Military Officials so that they can intercommunicate on how to handle the crisis hostage as of now. As of now the current President is dumb as bitch and very corrupt, becoz even their is a crisis situations in all area in the philippines, he doesn't do his job. They and only elite is part of obligarch regime. All  are being supported for their personal interest and monopolizing improvement of their businesses in the country. Illegal minings, corruptions, Massacre, selling lands to china and always using black propagandas during elections. As of my personal opinion i hate the current President even the simplest problem especially in our Aiports, he dont mind it. On the topic thats all I can say. Just visit the Philippine Embassy in your country and find a negotiators. God Blessed and Good Day Mam.

hello, thanks for reply, sorry late reply, bcause very busy in here  :)

the hostage all indonesia release a few week ago. thank for all

for the future, indonesia military now cooperartion with malaysian and philipines military join  patrol at the sea.

This collaboration with hope in the future there is no case like this again.

greeting of peace from the people of Indonesia  :g20:

Ashram thread - ALL GODS / Re: Suggestions for the upcoming server
« on: 26 April 2016 à 02:51:01 »
 i Suggest :

please bring back the game especially quest is not a bug, because as we know, the part and origin of game is a quest.  not only kruma, kruma, kruma, for the new player they can collect other stuff with the quest. only for the highest player level can kruma every time because they have all stuff and complited set kruma for war.

so please gm concern for this cases.  if only kruma kruma every time, i think is very bored.

Hi my friends all citizen at filipina and GM 3000

Sorry out of topic but top urgent  :)  :)  :cry-y:

if there is information about abu Sayyaf could you please inform here, Indonesia currently require assurance from the government of the Philippines to carry out military action to Abu Sayyaf, the goverment Indonesian troops will deploy the best of the best military force to free the hostages.

it is hoped you could help provide information on media social philippines government so that could open the door for other countries receiving military aid. because one detainee Indonesian people that the parents live close to our area, his parents could cannot sleep or eat because they always worry that their children were arrested and detained Abu Sayyaf.

Just Note : the military indonesia always ready 24 hours, only waiting for confirmation from the government of the Philippines.

should state should not be defeated by the rebels, let us maintain solidarity as a player and once friends although we had never met. God bless us all. 

Ashram thread - ALL GODS / Re: Suggestions for the upcoming server
« on: 17 March 2016 à 11:16:13 »
Hello All

miss u all and GM.

when the new server begin ???

i still waiting for the news  :)  me and my all friends in indonesia country

Merry Christmas for  ex Player in Tantra 3000fr and GM 3000Fr

Hope Successfully for all .... and may this christmas, God Bless ALL

See u Again in new Tantra 3k  :) :too-much-wine:


Special thanks for GM 3000Fr, for 2,5 Years i play this game.

all the ups and downs in the play, including friends of all who learn me and share the joy / funn in this game.

once again thank you very very much GM 3000fr for all the support over the years.

See you on the server to come.  i hope be better.

Indonesian Player


Not know .... Looking, looking ... for now ... I have to move my house ...

No idea ... .. ... ..


Ok  :g20:  i hope the best soon. 

3k set finihshed at 1 oct 2016. my arluin set, tarantula, acc set, weapon 3k+15 (5pcs) i wanna give to son of vananta  :)   :g52g:

Yes, bcause i think old file & old items not compatible .... 
For us in 2015, we are looking for good files and / or association with the owner

To create the optimum conditions to create a super powerful server in 2016


Sound Good, hope coming soon new server a powerfull but ?

but old file like a set is not compatibel to new server ? new item ? new acc ? and all item is new ?

pagi all

masih adakah yang aktif OL di G ini, add ke G donk

id : IIIIMuhankIIII

masih banyak bro, hanya tersebar di beberapa guild campuran org luar, silahkan pakai EBB berita, beli dimandara npc kiratha.

klau ada apa2 bisa lgs bbm / Whatsupp ke saya aja biar cepat, jarang online di forum skg krn sibuk banget.

hello all.. gmn ini game masih mantap kah... ! ! !

masih seperti biasa lex. keluar masuk. yg lama keluar, yg baru masuk. dan event seperti biasa. gue jg jarang ol krn sibuk, nanti kalau sdh ngk gitu sibuk baru bisa kembali main.  :g20:

GM 3000Fr, as we Know to MUCH Change since 2014. i think better give back all to OLD setting ! Old Rule FW and BW.

why ??? because player in here NEVER enough, new rule = complain, old rule = complain.  so better back to old setting. and never one to complain again.... i hope take ur time to fix bug in this game.  :g20:  and release the new Belt Tribe.  now since suggestion new belt May 2015, until now, I have not heard anything about the progress of new belt, When ?

Thank You
More Power

Lets Go Friends

who live near the area that may be able to help GM to provide accurate information,  for the security of all so it does not happen again fraud scams to player 3K.

I Think Scammer is Kid ... Instanly want to get rich quick with a quick way  :lol:

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