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Kaya Combination, how to make Rapphu/Raphu key

Amara Kruma Collect 5 KALA's


Demands for crystal (treasure of kings) are ever increasing and its an added knowledge on how to craft the key which will lead to Rapphu/Raphu. Raphu will drop the highly valuable crystal which can be combined to 68 and 74 weapons to make them even more powerful. Upon combining a crystal to a weapon the name will be change to "datu". Let us say a khatu being combined with crystal will become datu khatu. Datu weapons have additional stats like +5 all chakra, +1 range for canes.

Few steps in making Rapphu/Raphu Key or the technical term "Raja Pratima" (key used to open the gate to Rhappu) is by collecting "chess pieces" which are dropped by bosses in Chaturanga. To open Chaturanga your god must have 5 kalas in krumaor you can donate in the pots (at the back of the maiden). To access Chaturangga simple click the portal on the right side of your castle. In Chaturanga there are 25 rooms (a 5 by 5 room) and each room has a boss. Upon entering chaturanga you will have a different starting point. This depends on what god you chose. If you are Vishnu you start at the southwest room going south. If you are Shiva you start at the northwest room going west. If you are Brahma you start at the northeast room going north. The southeast room is the no god side. The 24 rooms excluding the centermost room are boss rooms which drops a chess piece and you need to collect 24 of those (one in each room) to make the Rapphu/Raphu Key. The centermost room is the Rapphu/Raphu Room.

Names of chess piece depends on the location and its kind. Regular chess piece are blue (Ones drop by the boss) while the combined chess pieces are yellow.

Vadapaz Irina = A5 = ENTRANCE VISHNU GOD
Wootpbiz Irina = E1 = ENTRANCE BRAHMA GOD
Wootpaz Irina = A1 = ENTRANCE SHIVA GOD
Vadabid Irina = E5 = NO GOD SIDE


Utt = Northern
Vada = Southern
Vid = Eastern
Paz = Western
Utt Vid = Northeast
Utt Paz = Northwest
Vada Vid = Southeast
Vada Paz = Southwest

Boss & Drop / Drop des BOSS

Infantry (Footman Boss, 1st, 2nd room) = Pedati
Cavalry (Horseman Boss, 3rd room, mid) = Asba
Tankman(Chariot Boss, 4th room) = Rada
Byonmu (Turtle Boss, N, S, E, W inner room) = Mantri
Corporal (Elephant Boss, NE, NW, SE, SW inner room) = Gaja
Rhappu Kibyo (Centermost room, first form of Rhappu riding a horse)
        Rhappu (True form of Rhappu - drops the highly coveted crystal)

Kaya Combinations:

Bada Pedati Kaya {Symbol of Southern High Rank Footman}
Vada Pedati = Symbol of Southern Foot Soldier
Vada Paz Pedati = Symbol of Southwest Foot Soldier
Vada Vid Pedati = Symbol of Southest Foot Soldier
Vid Pedati = Symbol of Eastern Foot Soldier

Utt Pedati Kaya {Symbol of Northern High Rank Footman}
Utt Pedati = Symbol of Northern Foot Soldier
Utt Paz Pedati = Symbol of Northwest Foot Soldier
Utt Vid Pedati = Symbol of Northeast Foot Soldier
Paz Pedati = Symbol of Western Foot Soldier

Asba Kaya {High Rank Horseman}
Utt Asba = Symbol of Northern Horseman
Vada Asba = Symbol of Southern Horseman
Vid Asba = Symbol of Eastern Horseman
Paz Asba = Symbol of Western Horseman

Rada Kaya {High RankTrolley}
Utt Rada = Symbol of Northern Tank
Vada Rada = Symbol of Southern Trolley
Vid Rada = Symbol of Eastern Trolley
Paz Rada = Symbol of Western Trolley

Gaja Kaya {High Rank Corporal}
Utt Vid Gaja = Symbol of Northeast Corporal
Utt Paz Gaja = Symbol of Northwest Corporal
Vada Paz Gaja = Symbol of Southwest Corporal
Vada Vid Gaja = Symbol of Southeast Corporal

Mantri Kaya {High Rank Chammo}
Utt Mantri = Symbol of Northern Chammo
Vada Mantri = Symbol of Southern Chammo
Vid Mantri = Symbol of Eastern Chammo
Paz Mantri = Symbol of Western Chammo

Raja Pratima ° Rapphu/Raphu Key {Key used to open the gate to Rapphu/Raphu}
Raja Pratima ° Rapphu Clef {Clef utilisés pour ouvrir la porte à Rapphu/Raphu}

Bada Pedati Kaya = Symbol of Southern High Rank Footman
Utt Pedati Kaya = Symbol of Northern High Rank Footman
Asba Kaya = High Rank Horseman
Rada Kaya = High Rank Trolley
Gaja Kaya = High Rank Corporal
Mantri Kaya = High Rank Chammo

To create the Chess, go to the girl inside Chaturanga.
The maiden can be found in the room and start depending on the chosen god.
Pour créer les pièces d'échec, il faut aller au MAIDEN du Dieu Choisi

Chaturanga Maiden {FOR CREATE /pour faire vos pièces d'échec /chess pieces}

Vadapaz Irina = A5 = ENTRANCE VISHNU GOD
Wootpbiz Irina = E1 = ENTRANCE BRAHMA GOD
Wootpaz Irina = A1 = ENTRANCE SHIVA GOD
Vadabid Irina = E5 = NO GOD SIDE

For Create RAJA PRATIMA :g20:

LINK -> -> Paglalaro sa Chaturanga Playing in Chaturanga Map PVP annex Kruma